Legal Excellence Redefined.
Simplifying the legal world

Increase efficiency as an organisation with the power of AI.
Streamline research, tap into knowledge bases and share findings with your team.

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European mindset

Fledger combines European precision and innovation with strict adherence to EU data protection standards.

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Unique AI space

Fledger AI creates an exclusive AI space for firms with organisation-wide implementation, to build on the firm's specialist areas of legal expertise.

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Fledger simplifies your existing workflow. Our intuitive design and straightforward integration put advanced legal tech within easy reach, ensuring you can focus on what matters most — your clients.

A once-in-a-generation chance to change the ways of working.
Legal professionals want smarter working,
with good controls and EU-data compliance.
Fledger helps professional firms
use AI securely and effectively.

Meet LISA!

Fledger's Personal Legal Intelligence Support Agent.

Empower Your Practice with Legal AI Conversations.


Access immediate, reliable legal assistance to streamline your case management, research and other legal questions.

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Our lawyers and business support professionals are responding positively and increasingly make suggestions on how we could integrate AI into our work.
- Sijmen Vrolijk, ICT director of NautaDutilh

Simplify Contract Drafting and Validation with LISA

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Create Contracts

Generate accurate legal documents, clauses, paragraphs, and templates with intelligent, guided drafting tools. LISA drafts contracts based on your historical clauses and contracts.

Optimize Data Extraction and Validation from Documents


Maximize legal review efficiency with LISA, to extract answers and aid due diligence. This tool improves scrutiny and informs decisions across a range of tasks.

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By utilizing a law firm's internal knowledge, we're not just providing an AI tool; we're equipping them with a distinctive AI ecosystem designed for a decisive competitive lead.
- Giles Slinger, Chief Product Officer of Fledger

Craft Your Unique AI Ecosystem Leveraging Firm-Specific Expertise.

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Knowledge base

The Knowledge Base is your firm's pathway to a Unique AI space, crafted from your historical data and unique expertise. LISA becomes an assistant that understands and embodies your firm's way of operating, your firm’s DNA, ready to propel your specific vision forward.

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Co-developed with NautaDutilh

Fledger's partnership with NautaDutilh has produced an advanced AI platform for legal tech, meticulously trained by lawyers from every department to ensure top-tier security, EU data compliance, and a strategic use of case history.

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Change management

Fledger is dedicated to guiding firms of all digital maturities through a seamless AI adoption, providing tailored support for transformative organizational change.

For whom

Elite law firms

Fledger equips elite law firms with advanced AI to sustain market leadership, enhance top service delivery, and drive client satisfaction. Our platform is designed to help top legal practitioners amplify their capabilities and secure a competitive edge.

Top in-house legal departments

Fledger empowers corporate legal teams with swift, secure AI adoption to optimize efficiency, eliminate wasted cost, and enhance strategic decision-making.

Professional service firms

Fledger partners with diverse professional service sectors, enhancing operational efficiency and performance through tailored AI solutions.

Impact initiatives

Fledger supports global and local impactful legal initiatives, like access to justice, with AI tools and insights to amplify mission-driven work.
By combining our knowledge and Fledger's expertise, we can develop customised AI functionality that meets our firm's requirements for information security, privacy, scalability and AI governance.
- Joris Willems, partner and head of NautaDutilh's Technology group

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