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Fledgerr is shedding an R?!

Jason Stewart
February 15, 2024

Our rebranding from Fledgerr to Fledger: Legal and Operational Excellence Redefined🎉


In 2020, Fledgerr emerged from a vision shared by five talented individuals determined to impact European business operations. The goal was ambitious: to establish Europe as a serious contender in legal technology, on a par with US innovation. Early recognition and support from leading AI investors like Herman Kienhuis and Maurice Backend Verwee, coupled with backing from Plug and Play VC, provided us with the needed jumpstart.


As we've grown from our startup roots into a scale up, it's time for our brand to reflect our evolution. The name "Fledger," coined by our VP of Software Engineering Ian Kars, is deeply symbolic—derived from the term "to fledge," it represents nurturing young birds to fly.


This symbolism aligns perfectly with our mission. Just as fledglings learn to fly under careful guidance, we see ourselves as partners enabling top firms and corporate departments to transition to AI technology. At Fledger, we're not just guides; we are creators and collaborators. We build premium AI solutions tailored to a professional service firm's needs while at the same time supporting the firm’s thinking on change management.


Today, we shed an 'R' in pursuit of simplicity. We are excited to re-introduce ourselves as Fledger—a name that honors our beginnings while capturing our role as nurturers of innovation and leading in AI solutions.


Join us on this flight towards legal operations excellence; together, we will soar higher than ever before!